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Instant Fit Process

I.F.P. – Production brought to perfection!

Thanks to the Instant Fit Process (I.F.P.) the shrinkage of Nacera® zirconium oxide can be exactly determined. At the same time every blank is produced with its own indivdual shrinkage factor – accurate to 4 decimal places! The specially designed I.F.P. process does not yield an average value only but establishes continuously precise sintering results for each and every blank. There will be no deviations within a batch.

I.F.P. means more safety during production and processing and less time required for labour and control – especially for full-spann and directly-mounted restorations.

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Variations within a batch are excluded

I.F.P. therefore means more reliability in production and processing and less working and inspection time for you - especially for large-span and directly bolted work.