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Our solutions

Nacera® Advanced Process

Our Nacera® Advanced Process guarantees you maximum process reliability during production — the very first time. Whether milling, sintering or finalizing: you can rely on our production quality at all times. For you, it means maximum reliability and minimal risks — from the Zirconia disc to the finished restoration!

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Nacera® Advanced Process

Nacera Supplies

Nacera® Zirconia

With the Nacera® Pearl series, you get a high-quality zirconium oxide that combines high flexural strength with maximum aesthetics.

Nacera® Clean

Nacera® Clean LT is a cleaning powder for the combustion chamber of the sintering furnace.

Nacera® Calibrate

This is an easy-to-use calibration set for your furnaces. It contains a measuring unit and ceramic temperature control rings.

Nacera® Inspection

The Nacera® Inspection set helps you to identify cracks and microfractures immediately after sintering – even before you continue with the restoration.