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Nacera® Blue X

We have surpassed cubic zirconia in the desire for a strong, but highly translucent zirconium oxide. Nacera®’s Blue X, applied to Nacera® Pearl 3Y-TZP zirconia, exceeds the esthetic properties of lithium disilicate by allowing technicians to brush into place the right amount of translucency only where desired. The translucency will increase up to 5 % on Nacera® zirconia. The advantages continue with improvements in strength. Nacera® Pearl zirconia treated with Blue X has still a flexural strength of 1,200 MPa, almost double cubic zirconia, and up to 3x that of lithium disilicate! Blue X is especially developed for Nacera® Shaded zirconia. It will lower the chroma when applied to incisal or occlusal areas and generates a lifelike color transition – for a brushed multilayer effect! The concept realized by „Blue X“ is a world first — made in Germany by DOCERAM Medical Ceramics.

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Product Description:

  • 15 g of liquid to increase translucency
  • Includes brush, watch glass dish and instructions for use

Features & Benefits:

  • Cusp tips and incisal edges – use where desired on pre-shaded 3Y-TZP Nacera® zirconia oxide
  • Raise translucency and keep full flexural strength
  • Apply translucency and color transition in one stroke
  • Anterior Esthetics at Half cost – no additional Cubic Zirconia inventory necessary

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