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Nacera® Clean LT

Nacera® Clean LT is a cleaning powder for the combustion chamber of the sintering furnace. Damage from color solvents on heating rods and sediments in the combustion chamber cause discoloration or contamination of the sintering objects. In its initial application, the reactive Nacera® Clean LT takes these impurities from the furnace atmosphere, absorbs them, and cleans the oven permanently. Regular use provides genuine, color-consistent sintering results, impedes re-deposits in the combustion chamber, and protects the life of heating rods.

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Product Description:

  • Bottle contains 200 g of cleaning powder

For basic cleaning we recommend to use  Nacera® Clean LT. 3 – 6 cleaning cycles per year  to keep your furnace clean. Please add max. 1 g Nacera® Clean LT powder to each sintering cycle to keep your furnace permanently clean.

One bottle of Nacera® Clean LT is sufficient for up to 200 cleaning cycles.

Features & Benefits:

  • No yellowish or greenish discoloration
  • No contamination on the zirconia surface
  • Absorbs the color liquid sediments from the firing chamber
  • High Translucency – pure and reliable sintering results
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