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Nacera® Inspection

The Nacera® Inspection set helps you to identify cracks and microfractures immediately after sintering – even before you continue with the restoration.
Optimize quality assurance in your laboratory by identifying faults in single crowns through to complex supraconstructions thanks to the crack inspection and exclude this work from the subsequent production process.
The set contains the required UV lamp as well as a pair of tweezers in addition to the dip vessel and the detection fluid.

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Product Description:

  • 200 ml of detection fluid
  • 1 dip vessel with strainer
  • 1 foreceps
  • 1 UV lamp for detection
  • Refill: 200 ml of detection fluid

Features & Benefits:

  • Instant detection of flaws and microcracks
  • Proof of flawless delivery of product for the lab
  • Easy handling and low consumption
  • Prevents processing of defective restorations